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Prime is the UI Framework for Sketch. It speeds up Design System creation. You can save 80% time during UI Design. 

It is the result of more than half thousand hours of research, ideation and validation in the subject of Design System Kit. It helps to maintain consistency and design with the industry best practices.

Full Version of Prime is the set of following Sketch Libraries:

  • Prime Library - the main file of the UI Framework. It contains all UI elements to build Component Library for Design System, plus all major chart types.
  • Prime Illustration System - the set of customizable elements for UI illustration purpose
  • Prime Devices - vector device mockups of iPhone X/XS, Apple Watch 40 and MacBook Pro crafted for Sketch
  • Prime Font Primary - the file with additional customizable typography system
  • Prime Font Secondary - the second file with another customizable typography system

The FREE Demo Version contains all Prime files limited to:

  • Buttons and Text Field elements
  • 2 customizable colors
  • 2 typography sets
  • 2 illustration system elements with limited color customization
  • 3 outline device templates (Apple Watch, iPhone, MacBook Pro)

Download Demo Files for FREE by putting $0 in the price box.

Full Prime Design System Kit will be available here:


Quick Start Guide

Supports Sketch 52+


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DEMO Prime Design System Kit

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