Prime 2.0 - Demo

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Prime is All-In-One UI Design Starter Kit for Sketch. This is a free Demo that let's you play with some basic components and templates before the purchase of the full version.

You may get full Kit from:

Full Version of Prime 2.0 includes following Sketch Libraries:

  • The Core – basic stuff like colors, gradients shadows, typography, shapes, etc.
  • Web – all UI elements needed to create Desktop and Mobile Web design structured with Atomic Design Philosophy
  • Mobile – iOS and Android native mobile components
  • Charts – all major chart types to support data visualization
  • Device Templates – vector device templates (wearable, mobile, and desktop) are often used in web projects.
  • Illustrations – the Kit includes sample elements that may be combined to create a new mood of the design.

How to get most of the Kit? Here are some instruction:

Quick Start Guide

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Demos of All Prime 2.0 Libraries for Sketch
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$3 $0+

Prime 2.0 - Demo

10 ratings
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